It has to do with agency for me. A half-naked lady as a form of protest feels a lot different to me than a half-naked lady as pandering to the male-gaze. I think there is something somewhat terrifying, somewhat jarring, about a person, especially a woman putting herself out there as a “fuck you” as opposed to a “fuck me.” That said, this event isn’t about getting naked. Some people might identify with that type of protest. Others might not. This isn’t about making a spectacle of your body, it is about giving people control over their own identity, whatever that entails. This is an event about ideas, not about clothes.

organizer Jamie Keiles, on SlutWalk Chicago (from Chicago Sun-Times blog)

hahahh reblogging something that I said.  makes me feel dirty

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I think a lot of the education that needs to happen in order to combat larger structural oppressions is going to have to involve those with power standing down.
A smart person reminding us how hard the revolution is probably going to be.

People who has financial and political power have freedom of doing
whatever they want such as selling nuke plants in the free market, in
that case, we should also able to have a freedom of doing whatever we
want. Being naked on the street is the response of the oppression from
the power.

My cat does not have materials so much, but he is happy. He is always
naked, no clothes. He has a bowl for his food and a cat litter box.
Being naked is a question of the idea of the owning.