From Lulzsec and Anonymous to the State security apparatus
  1. From the original found here
  2. Hello thar FBI and international law authorities,
  4. We recently stumbled across the following article with amazement and a certain amount of amusement:
  8. The statements made by deputy assistant FBI director Steve Chabinsky in this
  9. article clearly seem to be directed at Anonymous and Lulz Security, and we are
  10. happy to provide you with a response.
  12. You state:
  14.   “We want to send a message that chaos on the Internet is unacceptable,
  15.   [even if] hackers can be believed to have social causes, it’s entirely
  16.   unacceptable to break into websites and commit unlawful acts.”
  18. Now let us be clear here, Mr. Chabinsky, while we understand that you and
  19. your colleagues may find breaking into websites unacceptable, let us tell
  20. you what WE find unacceptable:
  22.  * Governments lying to their citizens and inducing fear and terror to keep
  23.    them in control by dismantling their freedom piece by piece.
  25.  * Corporations aiding and conspiring with said governments while taking
  26.    advantage at the same time by collecting billions of funds for
  27.    federal contracts we all know they can’t fulfil.
  29.  * Lobby conglomerates who only follow their agenda to push the profits
  30.    higher, while at the same time being deeply involved in governments around
  31.    the world with the only goal to infiltrate and corrupt them enough
  32.    so the status quo will never change.
  34. These governments and corporations are our enemy. And we will continue to
  35. fight them, with all methods we have at our disposal, and that certainly
  36. includes breaking into their websites and exposing their lies.
  38. We are not scared any more. Your threats to arrest us are meaningless to
  39. us as you cannot arrest an idea. Any attempt to do so will make your
  40. citizens more angry until they will roar in one gigantic choir. It is our
  41. mission to help these people and there is nothing - absolutely nothing - you
  42. can possibly to do make us stop.
  44.   “The Internet has become so important to so many people that we have to
  45.   ensure that the World Wide Web does not become the Wild Wild West.”
  47. Let me ask you, good sir, when was the Internet not the Wild Wild West? Do
  48. you really believe you were in control of it at any point? You were not.
  50. That does not mean that everyone behaves like an outlaw. You see, most
  51. people do not behave like bandits if they have no reason to. We become bandits
  52. on the Internet because you have forced our hand. The Anonymous bitchslap rings
  53. through your ears like hacktivism movements of the 90s. We’re back - and we’re
  54. not going anywhere. Expect us.


Naked Ride, A Call to Arms, and Butts, and Bikes

Dear Nice, Naturist, Pedal-Powered Peoples and Allies,

Just a few days until we fill the streets with hundreds of bodies as bare as we dare to get our messages out. We love our bodies, we love our planet, and we don’t want to see either exposed to danger or pollution! And most of all we love the right to be free and have fun!

Please STEP UP AND VOLUNTEER! We will need a huge push of cooperation and collaboration to keep everyone safe, have fun, and have the impact we want.

We need folks to help on…
Saturday, 23 July 2011 
- afternoon into evening, 

Also we need folks to help
Sunday, 24 July 2011
starting as early as 12 noon til the close of the after party.

«please give us whatever time you can»

Most of the work gets done at …
TimesUP! Brooklyn space,

99 South 6th Street,
south side of the Williamsburg Bridge.

Times and tasks are totally flexible, but please sign up to pitch in where you can.

We just need reliable people to make sure key things will get done.

The tasks will be described in more detail on the Wiki, which will see a complete update by Saturday morning, so check it!

Any questions feel free to reply to, and send a phone number or other reliable contact info if you can commit to any of the slots.


If you are a performer, a fire-dancer, a juggler, a musician, a drag queen or whaterver, WE NEED YOU to help make the East River Park (@ Delancey) starting location a festive atmosphere, or to spice up the after-party at 99 S. 6th St in Brooklyn with your hula-hoop break-dancing!

Likewise, body painting, creative costuming, banners, signs and flags are all Do-It-Yourself. So bring ideas and materials if you can to supplement our the paint (we will have plenty of the basic stuff). Got lots of funny hats? Want to make some fun masks? Got a supply of glitter you have been sitting on? Bring what you can! We will transport unused stuff from the park to storage and it can be retrieved later.

Lastly, any support in terms of food, drink or other donations of all sorts are most welcome to support the bodies at the park and on the ride. Just let us know how you want to pitch in, and we will make it count!

We make our present and our future together!



We will be doing banner/sign making and dumpster diving for party tonight at 99 S. 6th Street, in Williamsburg.  All should feel free to come out and help. A great opportunity to get diving practice, and make sure the messages you want out there are created.

Bring headlamps, cargo bikes, garbage bags, sheets, cable-ties, paint. We’ll be working late into evening.

DM or Follow on twitter @wnbrnyc